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The National Conference on Lynching Convenes

Current Opinion Magazine, 1919

A 1919 magazine article from CURRENT OPINION MAGAZINE that reported on the fruitless efforts of a prestigious anti-lynching organization:

"The first National Conference on Lynching, held recently in New York and attended by representatives of twenty-five states of the Union, has served to bring into prominence some of the efforts now being made to wipe out a national disgrace...Figures were presented at the National Lynching Conference showing that in the last thirty years 3,224 persons have been killed by lynching, 2,834 of them in Southern states which once were slave-holding."

In attendance were such 1920s luminaries as Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, General John H. Sherburne, and Charles Evan Hughes.

The image above depicts U.S. Senator Tom C. Connally as he filibustered on behalf of a Fedaral anti-lynching bill.


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