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Anticipating Elizabeth II <br />(Literary Digest, 1937)Anticipating Elizabeth II
(Literary Digest, 1937)
When Edward VIII chose to abdicate, the world's attention shifted to the new heir, the Duke of York (George VI: 1895 1952) and his daughter, Elizabeth (Elizabeth II: b. 1926). This magazine article served to introduce the future queen to American readers - making clear that the princess was something like a British version of the Hollywood child star, Shirley Temple - often imitated and recognized as the gold standard of girlhood. Written during the depression, her lavish, story-book existence seemed unreal to many.
The Coronation Jewels <br />(Gentry Magazine, 1953) The Coronation Jewels
(Gentry Magazine, 1953)
The attached photograph of Queen Elizabeth in her Coronation attire is accompanied by a few select words concerning the Koh-I-Nor diamond and a few other pretty baubles worn on the occasion of her 1953 coronation:

"Elizabeth II wearing the diamond-and-pearl circlet of Queen Victoria. The design incorporates the Tudor rose, Scotch thistle, and Irish shamrock. The diamond necklace was a wedding gift from the Nizam of Hyderabad."

Her Favorite Movies <br />(Photoplay Magazine, 1937)Her Favorite Movies
(Photoplay Magazine, 1937)
The cinematic tastes of ER II are, like the sovereign herself, deep and complicated. A vast number of geeks employed by this website were sent forth far across the deep green sea in order to find out what her favorite movies are, and we were not at all surprised to learn that she favors the James Bond films. Contrast those movies with the earliest of her film choices and you will be able to trace her development through the years - another article on this page makes clear that she enjoyed the Shirley Temple series - but hold the phone: the attached article from THAT SAME YEAR indicates that she enjoyed A DIFFERENT MOVIE AS WELL!
Princess Elizabeth During the Second World War <br />(Collier's Magazine, 1947)Princess Elizabeth During the Second World War
(Collier's Magazine, 1947)
A printable article (excerpted from a longer one) outlining what exactly Princess Elizabeth II was up to during World War II:

...and it was decided that Elizabeth must not enlist in anything, that her training for the throne was of the first importance. But Elizabeth felt that she would be a slacker and carry about an inferiority complex for life. So for a year, relentlessly, she persisted. Just before her nineteenth birthday, her father gave in..."

Princess Elizabeth Comes of Age <br />(Click Magazine, 1944)Princess Elizabeth Comes of Age
(Click Magazine, 1944)
The attached article was about the Spring of 1944 and why it was such an exciting season for Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of England (b. 1926): the twenty-first of April marked her eighteenth birthday and her country was entering the last year of their bloodiest war, while the princess herself held two positions that she took quite seriously: Patrol Leader of the Buckingham Palace Girlguides, as well as Colonel-in-Chief of the Grenadier Guards. There were also times when she was required to join her father when he was in conference with his ministers.

Also addressed in these pages was the royal concern as to who was suitable to be her mate; a list of names was provided.

Her Coronation <br />(Pageant Magazine, 1953)Her Coronation
(Pageant Magazine, 1953)
Judging by the photographs in this eleven page article, the editors of PAGEANT MAGAZINE must have finally decided to take their name quite seriously when they decided to dispatch a correspondent across the sea to report on all the glorious pageantry and glamour that made up the 1953 Coronation of the 27-year-old Elizabeth II (b. 1926):

"When Elizabeth arrives at Westminster Abbey for the two-and-a-half-hour ceremony of the Coronation, it will mark the first time in fifty years that a queen has been crowned in England. Three queens have ruled over Albion in 800 years: Elizabeth I, Ann and Victoria; each of their reigns have brought great progress and prosperity. That is one reason why her subjects look forward with such glowing hope to the reign of Elizabeth II."

(Although it is no reflection on her, Britain's power has decreased dramatically since 1953)

Queen Elizabeth: HOTTIE <br />(Pageant Magazine, 1966)Queen Elizabeth: HOTTIE
(Pageant Magazine, 1966)
Actor Richard Burton, CBE (1925 1984) was no stranger to pretty feminine faces - and as a Welshman, he was no fan of British royalty; so it must have turned some heads when he listed Britain's Queen Elizabeth as one of the most beautiful women in the world for the editors of Pageant Magazine.
Coronation Gowns <br />(People Today, 1953)Coronation Gowns
(People Today, 1953)
A smattering of 1953 gowns designed by the most active European fashion designers at the time.