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The Yellow Peril in Vancouver   <br />(Review of Reviews, 1910)The Yellow Peril in Vancouver
(Review of Reviews, 1910)
The Canadians of British Columbia were just as uncomfortable with Asian immigration as their American neighbors on the west coast. This article discusses the Canadian Prime Minister, at the time, Sir Wilfred Laurier, and what he planned to do about "Asiatic immigration", such as placing a "head tax" on each Asian who migrated. The growth of the Indian Hindu population along the Canadian West Coast is also mentioned
Race Riots in Vancouver   <br />(Harper's Weekly, 1907)Race Riots in Vancouver
(Harper's Weekly, 1907)
A Harper's Weekly correspondent filed the attached report that served as an eye-witness account of the 1907 anti-Asian riots that flared up in the Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia. The riot triggered countless acts of violence and arson targeting the Asian communities of that western city. The widespread Asian migration to the Dominion of Canada was a result of the diplomatic agreements between Japan and Great Britain (Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 19021922) resulting in a tremendous amount of racist tension among Canadian Whites.

Today, the surname "Li" is the most common last name in Canada.

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Immigration Restrictions in Canada <br />(The Atlanta Georgian, 1917)Immigration Restrictions in Canada
(The Atlanta Georgian, 1917)
In 1917 an American newspaper correspondent from THE ATLANTA GEORGIAN reported that the dominion of Canada, heeding the protests of it's most impoverished citizens, moved to restrict the flow of the immigrants to their shores:

"The commissioners say that in Canada, as in Australia, there is a strong current of opposition to immigration as it is now carried on, particularly among the wage earners in the cities."

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''A Plan to Make Chinese Canadians'' <br />(Literary Digest, 1929)''A Plan to Make Chinese Canadians''
(Literary Digest, 1929)
A brief column from an American magazine that lucidly explained the mounting frustrations within 1920s Canada concerning the influx of Chinese immigrants to that country.

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Anti-Asian Riots <br />(Harper's Weekly, 1907)Anti-Asian Riots
(Harper's Weekly, 1907)
"The cheap yellow and brown men have driven out the Whites and Indians from the salmon fisheries and canneries, the farms and the mines."

- So reported the the Harper's Weekly correspondent in the attached article that documented the 1907 anti-Asian race riots in Vancouver, British Columbia. Having visited San Francisco some time earlier, the journalist mused that similar mob-violence will result in the American West if the Federal Government does not take steps to soothe the racial tensions in some manner.