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A Mosaic of Marilyn Monroe <br />(Coronet Magazine, 1961)A Mosaic of Marilyn Monroe
(Coronet Magazine, 1961)
The editors of CORONET MAGAZINE approached the five male luminaries who were working alongside Marilyn Monroe during the making of "The Misfits" and asked each of them to comment on "the Monroe character riddle" as he alone had come to view it. These men, John Huston, Eli Wallach, Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift and her (soon to be estranged) husband, Arthur Miller, who had written the script, did indeed have unique insights as to who the actress was and what made her tick.
The Blowtorch Blonde <br />(Coronet Magazine, 1952)The Blowtorch Blonde
(Coronet Magazine, 1952)
Here is an article about the legendary Marilyn Monroe (né Norma Jeane Mortenson: 1926 – 1962), her painful beginnings, the cheesecake pictures, the bit-parts and her enormous popularity as a star are all woven into a narrative that never lets the reader forget that her unique type of appeal was something entirely new.
Marilyn Monroe Sings <br />(Collier's Magazine, 1954)Marilyn Monroe Sings
(Collier's Magazine, 1954)
"To Marilyn Monroe, currently the nation's favorite daydream, a trophy won is only a prelude to shinier trophies to come. She learned to act and she learned to dance. Now she is learning to sing...'The Monroe' has taken up vocalizing in a big way, and critics are saying her voice is as arresting as her personality".
Her Instincts on Men <br />(Screenland Magazine, 1952)Her Instincts on Men
(Screenland Magazine, 1952)
Seeing that Marilyn Monroe was married as many as three times, I think we can all assume that her instincts on men are probably not really worth remembering. Happily, however, this piece is about her friendships with men, and she wrote it as an explanation as to why, in matters of good fellowship, she always preferred men over women.
The Woman Who Created Marilyn Monroe <br />(People Today Magazine, 1954)The Woman Who Created Marilyn Monroe
(People Today Magazine, 1954)
You can bet that throughout the short career of Marilyn Monroe there were voluminous amounts stylistes, cosmetologists, coiffeurs and doyennes of glamour who came in contact with the headliner at one time or another. Some offered genuine nuggets of beauty wisdom while others could only offer bum steers. Although the name Emmeline Snively may sound like a character from a Charles Dickens novel, she was in actuality the very first woman to offer sound fashion advice to the ingenue - advice that would start her on her path to an unparalleled celebrity status as the preeminent "Blonde Bombshell" in all of Hollywood. You see, Emmeline Snively was the one who recommended that La Monroe dye her hair that color in the first place.
Notes on Her Hair <br />(Pageant Magazine, 1955)Notes on Her Hair
(Pageant Magazine, 1955)
Here is a handy how-to piece by a popular hairdresser of the Fifties explaining how to duplicate Marilyn Monroe's hairdo on your own head - take a look.

Warm Recollections of Marilyn <br />(Pageant Magazine, 1971)Warm Recollections of Marilyn
(Pageant Magazine, 1971)
Nine years after Marilyn Monroe's death, Hollywood reporter James Henaghan remembered his friendship with the star and their warm, unguarded moments together:

"I guess I had known it all the time. I knew that I belonged to the public and to the world. The public was the only family, the only Prince Charming, and the only home I ever had dreamed about."