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Greta Garbo's First Impressions of Hollywood <br />(Photoplay Magazine, 1930)Greta Garbo's First Impressions of Hollywood
(Photoplay Magazine, 1930)
Greta Garbo (1905 1990) was well known for keeping to herself and preferring to act on movie sets free of executives, pals and all sorts of other hangers-on and she was very famous for refusing to grant members of the press corps interviews. With that in mind, it is a wonder that Katherine Albert of PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE was able to piece enough together for this 1930 article:

"She has no place in the life of Hollywood. She has never adapted herself to it.

Garbo will continue to remain an enigma..."

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Greta Garbo in the Dream Factory <br />(Photoplay Magazine, 1930)Greta Garbo in the Dream Factory
(Photoplay Magazine, 1930)
A juicy nine page article about the meteoric rise of Greta Garbo (B. Greta Lovisa Gustafsson: 1905 1990) in European films, her arrival in California, the contracts signed, and an account of her earliest Hollywood films.
She Had that Thing <br />(Coronet Magazine, 1964)She Had that Thing
(Coronet Magazine, 1964)
"The magnetic power that Greta Garbo still generates to attract the avid interest of beatniks, the avant garde, the hootenanny, the jet set and her own contemporaries is not easy to explain..."