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Jane Russell Sur la Plage... <br />(Pic Magazine, 1941)Jane Russell Sur la Plage...
(Pic Magazine, 1941)
When these eight pictures of Hollywood actress Jane Russell (1921 - 2012) were snapped in the spring of 1941, she wasn't up to much. She was studying acting at Max Reinhardt's Theatrical Workshop in Los Angeles and more than likely waiting for her seven year contract with Howard Hughes to expire. The film that she'd made with him the previous year, The Outlaw, would not [be widely] distributed for some time and so we imagine that she jumped at the chance to put on a bathing suit and clown around on the beach when she got the call from the boys at PIC MAGAZINE. With the onslaught of the Second World War, she would be doing much of the same sort of posing for the pin-up photographers.

In the attached photo-essay, the PIC editors went out on a limb and called her "one of America's greatest beauties".

The Star of THE OUTLAW <br />(Pic Magazine, 1941)The Star of THE OUTLAW
(Pic Magazine, 1941)
Here is well illustrated article (16 images) from the set of THE OUTLAW (1941) that celebrates the arrival of the young, curvaceous Jane Russell (1921 2011).
Criticism <br />(Quick Magazine, 1952)Criticism
(Quick Magazine, 1952)
During the Summer of 1952, an unhappy Christian cleric in far away Scotland weighed in on Jane Russell - provoking the Hollywood beauty to weigh right back.
One Editor's Obsession <br />(Pic Magazine, 1941)One Editor's Obsession
(Pic Magazine, 1941)
It seemed to have made no difference to the editors of PIC MAGAZINE how dark and thick the clouds of war were that encircled the United States one month prior to the Pearl Harbor attack - they ran yet another puff piece on Jane Russell five months after they had published their last puff piece on Jane Russell.
The Missing Star: Jane Russell <br />(Pic Magazine, 1943)The Missing Star: Jane Russell
(Pic Magazine, 1943)
Those cheeky, ill-informed editors at PIC MAGAZINE impertinently protested that the Howard Hughes' movie The Outlaw should have been in the theaters ages ago - failing all the while to recognize that the film had been released a week prior to the publication of their article.

But they made up for it by providing their readers with six seldom-seen cheesecake pictures of the star, Jane Russell.