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The Soviet Invasion of Finland <br />(Pathfinder Magazine, 1940)The Soviet Invasion of Finland
(Pathfinder Magazine, 1940)
Just as Lenin had a triumphal military adventure, Stalin, too, believed that he could deploy Soviet forces victoriously. However, when Lenin launched his enterprise against neighboring Georgia in 1921, he had the benefit of skilled military leaders under his command - this was not the case with Stalin, who had seen fit to purge his military of thousands of officers (1934 - 1939). When Stalin's legions attacked Finland in November of 1939, the Soviet losses that were inflicted by the numerically inferior Finns were far greater than he ever thought possible.

The article appeared during the closing weeks of the war and it reported on the outside aid the Finns were receiving. The attached file also includes an article from 1931 concerning some of the bad blood that existed between the two nations.

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Stalin Invades <br />(Newsweek Magazine, 1939)Stalin Invades
(Newsweek Magazine, 1939)
In this article, retired U.S. Major General Stephen O. Fuqua (1874 - 1943) examined the Soviet invasion of Finland during its opening week.
Negotiations <br />(Pathfinder Magazine, 1939)Negotiations
(Pathfinder Magazine, 1939)
FDR Prepares to Break With Finland <br />(L.A. Times, 1943)FDR Prepares to Break With Finland
(L.A. Times, 1943)
Although the diplomatic break with Finland would not come until the Fall of the following year, the pressure was being applied by Joseph Stalin to recognize a German-Finn alliance. FDR, however, knew that Finland was only interested in regaining ground that the Soviets had stolen during the Winter War.