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Taro Yashima <br />(Direction Magazine, 1944)Taro Yashima
(Direction Magazine, 1944)
Many are the names of the refugee-artists who fled Hitler's Germany for the United States - but few are the Japanese artists we remember who departed fascist Japan for America. This slim article tells the story of Taro Yashima (born Atsushi Iwamatsu, 1908 - 1994) who was brutalized by the militarists in his homeland and fled in 1939.
The Japanese Home Front <br />(American Magazine, 1943)The Japanese Home Front
(American Magazine, 1943)
This article was written by Max Hill, who was serving as the Tokyo bureau chief for the Associated Press at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack. The column consists of his observations as to how the Japanese home front operated during his seven month incarceration.

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How Americans Were Seen by The Japanese <br />(American Magazine, 1942)How Americans Were Seen by The Japanese
(American Magazine, 1942)
In this article, photographer Frederick L. Hamilton recalled his two years in Japan prior to the Pearl Harbor attack; he let's lose with all he learned concerning how the Japanese perceived the Americans:

"They think we are soft, wasteful, irreverent and stupid...Most serious of all to the Japanese is their belief that we have no spiritual quality, no sense of honor."

Shortages <br />(PM Tabloid, 1942)Shortages
(PM Tabloid, 1942)
"The Japanese now are permitted fuel for their homes for only two months of the year and the prices are so high that many homes are without heat the year around."