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The Abuse of Power
in Washington

Judge Magazine, 1920

In this 1920 editorial, an anonymous writer sees the era of Prohibition and Congress' passing interest in abolishing tobacco as signs that a theocracy is on the rise in Washington:

"In a movement to put the Puritanical Sabbath into the Constitution they have found just what they want. [To outlaw tobacco, Congress] will enlist the crusading spirit, the crusading enthusiasm and the crusading generosity of every member of the narrower [Christian] sects."

"It's alright, though. You are going to get just what you are entitled to. You will realize it some bright Sabbath morning when you wake up with no tobacco to smoke, no Sunday newspaper, no gasoline to be had for your car, no trolleys or trains to take you to golf, which has been made a crime; nothing but hymns on the Victrola and nothing for the kiddies to do but scrap with their parents and with one another."


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