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25 Years of Women Voting (Pathfinder Magazine, 1946)

Attached herein are two articles that tell the history of an organization that is still with us today: The League of Women Voters. At its birth, in 1869, it was a bi-partisan organization composed of women who made no stand as to which of the two political parties was superior - preferring instead to simply remind all ambitious candidates that American women were voiceless in all matters political and that this injustice had deprived them of a vibrant demographic group. Since women began voting in 1920, the League of Women Voters began promoting candidates from the Democratic party almost exclusively, while continuing to promote themselves with their pre-suffrage "bi-partisan" street hustle. No doubt, the League of Women Voters is an interesting group worthy of the news but it hasn't been bi-partisan in over seventy years.

Prohibition Era Prisons Filled with Women (American Legion Weekly, 1924)

Four and a half years into Prohibition, journalist Jack O'Donnell reported that there were as many as 25,000 women who had run-afoul of the law in an effort to earn a quick buck working for bootleggers:

"They range in age from six to sixty. They are recruited from all ranks and stations of life - from the slums of New York's lower East Side, exclusive homes of California, the pine clad hills of Tennessee, the wind-swept plains of Texas, the sacred precincts of exclusive Washington... Women in the bootleg game are becoming a great problem to law enforcement officials. Prohibition agents, state troopers and city police - gallant gentlemen all - hesitate to embarrass women by stopping their cars to inquire if they are carrying hooch. The bootleggers and smugglers are aware of this fact and take advantage of it."

Verily, so numerous were these lush lassies - the Federal Government saw fit to construct a prison compound in which to incarcerate them; you can read about that here...

State Sponsored Ignorance (Pathfinder Magazine, 1940)

The editors of Pathfinder Magazine were rightfully scandalized to report that the Mississippi State Senate voted in favor of purchasing two sets of civics books for the school children of their state:

"[The] idea behind this, said the Senate Education Committee, was to eliminate instructions for voting from the books to be distributed to Negro pupils".

Why Is God So Silent? (Jesus People, 1973)

Frederic W. Farrar (1831 - 1903), Dean of Canterbury Cathedral during the last eight years of the Victorian era saw fit to examine God's silence and seeming indifference while humanity struggles:

"God makes no ado. He does not defend Himself. He suffers men to blaspheme. His enemies make a murmuring but he refrains. And much of what is said is awfully true - for those who utter it. To men, to nations, God is silent; there is no God. Their ears are closed so that they cannot hear. They who love the darkness have it. To those who will not listen, God does not speak."

Stalin's 'Hate-America' Campaign (Pathfinder Magazine, 1952)

In 1952 the Soviet hierarchy began publishing an enormous amount of anti-American cartoons in magazines and newspapers throughout the "worker's paradise". As you will see, the Red cartoonists of yore were really big on comparing Americans to bugs and Nazis; they also delighted in making all American senior officers resemble the obese General Walker, who was the American corps commander leading the U.N. Forces in Korea.

The Soviets were very clever in the way in which they used radio to manipulate their people, click here to read about that...

Red Goals For American Society (Congressional Record, 1963)

When we read this transcript from The Congressional Record we were flabbergasted! You will find that it is a compilation that was pieced together in the late Fifties listing all the changes America's Communist enemies wished to see take place in the United States in order to make their mission of conquest that much easier - yet as you read the list you quickly recognize that at least 85% of this tally fell into place as recently as 2020.

The Pandemic of 1918 (Scribner's Magazine, 1938)

"The Spanish Influenza (February 1918 - April 1920) struck hard in the U.S. Army camps. Every fourth man came down with the flu, every twenty-fourth man caught pneumonia, every sixth man died." By the time the virus ran its course in the United States 675,000 Americans would succumb (although this article estimated the loss at 500,000).

The Black Women Who Pass For White (Liberty Magazine, 1949)

"In most of our larger cities and many small towns there are thousands of Negroes who have successfully 'gone over the line' and are now living as white. Among them, it is said, are several well-known athletes and members of Congress - But you don't hear much about the Negro women who pass. The roving male nature makes it easier for a man to pass completely, though it involves giving up his family as well as his friends. A woman finds passing harder to take."

Click here to read about the social differences between darker skinned and lighter skinned black people.

General Smedley Butler on Peace (Liberty Magazine, 1936)

Retired Marine Corps General Smedley Butler (1881 – 1940) was well known for his 1935 book, War is a Racket in which he summed-up his military career as one in which he served as "a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers"; he wrote of the importance of removing the profitability from war and cautioned his countrymen to be weary of American military adventurism. In this essay, Butler warned of well-healed, deep-pocketed "peace" organizations and prophesied that institutions like the League of Nation and the U.N. would be incapable of stopping wars (he got that right).

Who Pays the Bills Racked-Up in a Socialist State? (Literary Digest, 1894)

This article was written long before the crumbling Euro and the economic collapse of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Venezuela, East Germany and the USSR - it is an 1894 editorial that outlines why socialism cannot not work:

"He insists that all previous Social evolutions have meant an improvement in production and an increase in income, but the peculiarity of the Socialistic programme is that “it is to be not a money-making, but a money-spending evolution,” in which “everybody is to live a great deal better than he has been in the habit of living, and to have far more fun."

This 1946 article argued that Socialism is simply un-American...

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